Summerfields Nature Reserve

Local Nature Reserve in the Heart of Hastings

Welcome to the Summerfields Wood website. 


Summerfields Wood has a friends group , Friends of Summerfields Wood (FOSW) and during the year periodically meet for task days in the  woods.

During 2019 the FOSW will meet at 10am outside the Summerfields Sport Centre


Saturday June 22nd 2019

Saturday August 17th 2019

Saturday October 19th 2019

Saturday December 14th 2019


We will normally finih around 1pm.


Summerfields Wood is a 7.3 hectares area of semi-natural woodland and freshwater ponds near Hastings town centre. The site that is owned by Hastings Borough Council has now been formally declared one of the seven  Local Nature Reserve in the town. Summerfields Wood lies approximately one mile from the town centre, less than a mile from the seafront and only a few minutes walk from Hastings rail station. A Friends of Summerfields Woods group has been created in order to assist with some of the conservation tasks and to promote the  Local Nature Reserve in the heart of Hastings.

The area formed the landscaped grounds of the now demolished Bohemia House residence of Wastel Brisco in the 19th century and for the first part of the 20th Century it was used as a part of the  Summerfields  public school from Oxford.  Within the Wood there is a Victorian Roman Bath and a Walled Garden that formed part of the improvements made by the Brisco family. Associated with the Walled Garden is a landscaped area created in Victorian times but now referred to as the Prospect Mound. For information about Friends of Summerfields Wood visit  There is more information about the Brisco estate  or

On these sites you will find details of up-coming events including information about proposed volunteer work days and links to other websites that offer further information about this Local Nature Reserve in the heart of Hastings.